A Quick Overview of The Amsterdam Masterplan Online Slot

BlueGem Gaming is a Netherlands-based casino software company, specialising in creating immersive 3-D Video Slots. The heist-themed The Amsterdam Masterplan Slot is a good example of this. The reels are the city of Amsterdam in the background, with a canal at the bottom of the screen. The city is in a yellowish light, creating an […]

Playing Online Casino Games in Canada with a Comprehensive Guide

Computer games have been popular in Canada since they were invented, and the internet, combined with technological advances, has expanded the field in leaps and bounds since the days of Pong or Space Invaders. Gamers can now play all sorts of computer games against opponents all over the world in real time. The global internet […]

What Is The AFL And How Can I Bet On It?

Recently, the world of sports betting has grown significantly. This is due to a number of factors, including the fact that it adds an extra layer of excitement to watching your favourite sports. Furthermore, sports betting has become increasingly convenient, with many betting houses now allowing for online betting too. One of the most popular forms of sports betting Down Under is focused on the famous AFL. Read more about What Is The AFL And How Can I Bet On It?

The Top Five Biggest Sports Betting Wins In Gambling History

  1. Richard Hopkins – £165,000

After recognising a young and budding race-car driver, Lewis Hamilton’s, talent and skill way back in the late 90s, Richard Hopkins decided to place a wager of £200 that Hamilton would go on to become a F1 Grand Prix winner by the age of 23. Furthermore, he placed another wager of the same amount on Hamilton becoming a F1 world champion. The odds at the time, with Hamilton barely being a teenager, were 300/1 and 500/1 respectively. Remarkably, Hamilton went on to achieve both, becoming one of the greatest F1 drivers of all time, and earning Hopkins a tidy sum of £165,000. Read more about The Top Five Biggest Sports Betting Wins In Gambling History

How to Find the Best Live Betting Odds

In contrast to traditional sports betting, where you place all your bets before the game has begun, with live betting, you can make choices as the game unfolds. This gives you more flexibility and opportunities to win, and it also makes for much more excitement! Instead of watching passively, you get to be really involved during the game. But how can you find the best in-game betting odds? Read on to find out more. Read more about How to Find the Best Live Betting Odds