Tips for Casino Players to Play Craps with

Craps is one of those games that many players shy away from, usually because of the huge betting field, as well as the many combinations that are available with each game. Craps can be a difficult game to get a hang of at first, and it can take a good number of practice runs before a player can feel comfortable enough to start using real money.

  1. The House Edge

The best way to start winning at the game is by having a good understanding of how the house edge works, and then using this knowledge to start putting down different bets on different roles. But this isn’t the only way a player can improve their chances of winning, and the following are all worth remembering for the next game.

  1. Learn the Different Bets

Craps is infamous for the number of bets that are available, which can often also be influenced by the house, with each having a different set of rules. The best way to start is by taking the time to learn the most basic and popular bets that most people use when they’re playing, both at a land-based casino and online casino. This rudimentary knowledge of the bets and how they work can provide a solid foundation to becoming better at the game over time.

  1. Make Use of Online Games

There are countless online craps games that can be found on the internet, and a large majority of them can be played without having to spend any money at all like at This is the perfect opportunity to spend some time honing skills and learning about what the game has to offer. As stated earlier, craps can be an intimidating game to the uninitiated, and the only way for a new player to get their head around how it works is by putting in as much practice as possible.

  1. Don’t Pass and Don’t Come

It’s generally a good idea for a player to put the smallest amount they can on the Don’t Pass and Don’t Come lines, while adding the largest wager possible behind these lines. The house edge for this line is almost always 1:1 if the player wins. A player can take this one step further by making use of Free Odds bets, which can pay out much higher odds. Playing this kind of bet in the right way means that the house loses its advantage completely, a position that most players want to be in. It’s important that the player always try and bet in the right increments while they’re doing this, however.

  1. Learning the Dice Combinations

It’s recommended that the player spend some time learning about the chances of a value being rolled with the dice. Some values will roll more often than others, and knowing these chances provides the opportunity to make smarter bets on the fly. A simple example being that a player is more likely to bet on a six being rolled than a two, so it’s better to focus on bets that are concerned with a six.

Post Author: Baron Riley