Make Bets on Boxing with an Extensive Guide

Watching professional fighters go against each other is always a thrill, and when you’re betting on boxing rounds this is even truer. It’s very enjoyable and offers huge potential payouts in its own right, but as one of the most developed areas of online punting it’s a great place to start your betting career. As you become more familiar with this world, you’ll be able to take what you’ve learnt and apply it to other markets with confidence. To make sure you start off on the right foot, read the general guidelines below.

Choosing Which Contenders to Back

One of the factors that make boxing such a good punting starting point is that you can enjoy great opportunities at any time of the day or night, all year round. There are no seasons as with other sports, and playing online means you can bet on the most exciting fights no matter where they are happening. Time zones mean it is easier to focus on local or national matches, and the smaller range of players can make research and wagering easier as you’re learning the ins and outs of betting on boxing rounds.

As you become more experienced, or when there are really exciting international fights, you can spread your wings and bet on those. Whatever match you’re punting on, you need to check out the players’ reach, height, weight, trainer and recent performance history. Pay attention to any other information and tips you hear along the way, and check out sites dedicated to explaining the finer points of boxing. The limitless resources of the Internet make it easy to do thorough research and join communities of other online enthusiasts.

Selecting Which Wagers to Place

Depending how long you have been betting on boxing rounds, you’ll have different insights and do better with different bets. To start with, try the classic win/lose bets at places like and as you get to know the rules and fighters better, you can try out more exotic options. Many online sportsbooks offer different odds on different rounds within one fight, and as you get more familiar with players this can be a great way to win more. For example, if you correctly predict the way a fight will end – with a knockout decision or TKO- or predict which round will be the last, your payouts could be much more.

Often the most exciting nights are the ones featuring multiple fights in 1 night on 1 bill, with multiple bets being allowed. These are a lot like the multiple wagers that can be placed on, with all of your punts put together on one ticket with their odds all multiplied together. Betting like this is quite risky, because all of your wagers need to be correct for you to be paid out, but the potential wins can be just as rewarding. Consider these multiples when you feel very sure of your punts.

Get in the Ring

Betting on boxing rounds brings all the glory of the fights together with strategic analysis and decision making, and it really does pack a rewarding punch. Once you’ve started exploring your options you’ll soon get a feel for the game and be drawn into the wagers. Stopping will be a much greater challenge!

Post Author: Baron Riley