What Is The AFL And How Can I Bet On It?

Recently, the world of sports betting has grown significantly. This is due to a number of factors, including the fact that it adds an extra layer of excitement to watching your favourite sports. Furthermore, sports betting has become increasingly convenient, with many betting houses now allowing for online betting too. One of the most popular forms of sports betting Down Under is focused on the famous AFL.


What is the AFL?


The Australian Football League (AFL) is the only professional men’s competition of Australian Rules football. Due to the existence of the AFL Commission, the AFL as a whole also serves as the governing body of the sport. It controls the rules of the game and makes decisions pertaining to players and performances. Previously, the AFL was known as the Victorian Football League (VFL). The organisation dates back as far as 1896 and the very first official season of the game commenced one year later, in 1897.


How to bet on the AFL


There are numerous ways in which one can bet on the AFL. Take a look at a few of the most popular bets below.


Head to head betting


Head to head betting is the most common way to refer to moneyline betting. This kind of betting requires you to bet simply on which team is most likely to win the match. Favourite teams will be assigned negative symbols, while the underdogs will have positive symbols.


Margin betting


Margin betting is one of the most popular kinds of AFL betting as it allows you to estimate how much your favourite team will win their match by. As a rule of thumb, all AFL margin betting is generally done by bettors estimating how many goals their team will win by as opposed to how many points they will score. However, this differs according to bettor preferences, so some bets are placed according to how many points each team might score.




Derivative bets are not as straightforward as the more common kinds of AFL bets. These kinds of bets are total, side and line bets that are based on half or a quarter of a game instead of a full one. Generally, more seasoned bettors who have a firm understanding of Australian Rules football and are looking for early action in the game opt for this type of bet. Derivatives can be quite profitable for those who have fully researched each team and its odds.


Live betting


Live betting can prove to be quite exciting as it allows bettors to bet on a game that is currently in progress. When watching a live game, bettors will be able to establish a good idea of the game’s flow, which often causes live odds to change as each team scores. However, it is key to remember that when watching a live AFL game, there may be a delay of a few seconds. If this is the case, wait until the half-time break before placing your bet to avoid missing out on key moments.


Post Author: Baron Riley