Super Multitimes Progressive Slot Basics for Gamblers

When casinos went digital they brought a lot more people from all over the world in on the betting action. More and more people were able to search and find their favourite casino games, join those communities and ultimately play and win together online. With such a growth in player quantity games online were able to make massive use of a progressive collective jackpot system that grew with every player’s bet and paid out a large reward to lucky players from time to time. Now as the online betting community is at its highest the progressive jackpot potential is too. Cue super multitimes progressive.

Why Progressive Slots are the Best

But enough about history. What will players find with this slot and how it’s different from other online progressive slots out there, are the questions we all want the answers to. So, let’s begin. Firstly this slot, as highlighted above, has a fondness for progressives. With this slot in particular players will bump into numerous floating progressive jackpots whilst they play the standard game. Which means more winnings more often. What makes the winning madness better is that throughout the main game players will find and win free bonus spins and with this slot bonus spins can hit those lucrative progressive jackpots too. So that’s winning, more winning and finally, winning for free. Not bad for an online video slot, or a paragraph.

Other Features of these Slots

All done with the progressive in super multitimes progressive we move on to the multitimes and the incredible multipliers that are available. With only five paylines players may be suspect at first but to earn multipliers for this game that suits just fine. Using a point system, with symbols of the game’s name as the primary point value, players can accumulate their points just by the symbols appearing on the reels. At 32 points and above players will see multipliers up to 5 times winnings and even scores of red spins, earning more chances of multiplying wins as well as the ever present progressive jackpots.

The way the progressive jackpots themselves work is that above each reel players will see the progressive counter. These numbers, on each reel, will keep growing until somebody wins the progressive of that reel through the required symbols appearing. So essentially unrelated to the rest of the base game these progressive jackpots are pure bonus and can be doled out to anyone at any time and for ridiculously high levels of winning. Upside about the progressive jackpots are they will also always be ready to win, with five reels all individually holding their own progressive so players won’t have to worry about the progressive being one by others as there will always be large wins waiting.

Driven by a leading online casino game producer also means that super multitimes progressive also comes with guaranteed safety and a constant customer care line for helping players with any problems faced. This means that the online slots wont crash and that players can trust that what they win they can safely walk away with. Query forums will also help players with particular difficulties but ultimately this slot is reliable and easy to understand so players will get involved without stress at all. Enjoy this magnificent slot.

Post Author: Baron Riley