How to Find the Best Live Betting Odds

In contrast to traditional sports betting, where you place all your bets before the game has begun, with live betting, you can make choices as the game unfolds. This gives you more flexibility and opportunities to win, and it also makes for much more excitement! Instead of watching passively, you get to be really involved during the game. But how can you find the best in-game betting odds? Read on to find out more.

Choose Your Platform Wisely

When it comes to maximizing odds for live betting, the betting site you use is no small factor in your success. A bad user interface will make it harder to take in all the relevant information. Choose a site that is streamlined and makes intuitive sense to you. You also want a platform that updates speedily so that you can see whenever a line has changed or become available in real time.

Scout Out the Bets You are Interested In

Just because you bet during the game in live betting, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do any prior research. On the contrary, scouting for any information you can find on the selections you are interested in is essential. The bets and numbers come in fast with in-game betting, so you want to come armed with a line of attack before you begin. Decide on a few conditionals and options to use in the case of different events. A data driven approach is always preferable to relying on your emotions and intuitions.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t make quick decisions and go off script if the game takes an unexpected turn, but don’t show up without a few strategies you can apply to different courses the game may take.

Keep an Eye Out for Bad Lines

In traditional sports betting, the bookkeepers have the luxury of time to do their research and set highly accurate lines. However, decisions are made fast with live betting and the sportsbook may make a mistake or set a line that doesn’t take everything into account.

If you spot such lines, you have found the perfect way to take advantage of the odds in live betting! This also shows that the more you know about a sport, the better your chances to win money are.

Look for Hedging Opportunities

One of the best things about live betting NZ is that you can lock up profits with pre-game bets and then hedge them with your in-game bets. This involves placing a pre-game bet just like in traditional betting, and then watching the lines as they come up.

You can then choose to place a bet on the opposing team if a favorable or too-high line comes up for that team. This way, you can potentially engineer it so that you profit either way. And as opposed to traditional betting, with live betting you can choose to hedge or not based on the lines that appear, and thus avoid missing out on profits unnecessarily. Conservative bets may seem less exciting, but they provide more success in the long run.

Post Author: Baron Riley