Checking out the Basics of Three Wishes Online Slot

Everyone wants to find that old, dusty lamp in some forgotten part of the world that when rubbed in a particular way releases a genie trapped inside, who then, grateful for being released, grants the user three wishes on whatever they desire. Of course the first wish must always be for extra wishes, though there are often parameters in place to avoid such things, since genies on the whole are rather intelligent beings. Before getting too carried away with the plot though, the topic in question is that of this Three Wishes slot game from Betsoft, which is actually themed more toward the theme of Arabia and the aspects inherent to this culture, which just so happens includes the aforementioned genie in amongst it all.

Overall the theme does feel a little like it was pulled from the storyline of Aladdin and makes for quite a presentation on the reels. Speaking of the reels though, this Three Wishes slot game has 5 of these, with a set of 30 adjustable pay lines intersecting them along fixed paths. This setup is joined by a bet per line option which allows players of this slot to pick and choose their overall spin bet and therefore game experience. There are also a good couple of bonus features involved in this slot experience, which includes free spins, a Wild symbol as well as several themed features and mini games.

The Theme of Arabia in this Slot

Whilst the primary focus of this Three Wishes slot game, thematically at least, is toward the idea of genies and the process around these mythical entities, the general theme employed on this slot is that of an Arabian style, with imagery, sound effects and more to reaffirm this onto the reels. The graphics of this Betsoft game are fairly attractive, with a consistent show of dedication throughout all the thematic aspects in play. This includes the aforementioned sound track, the symbols on the reels and even the backdrop and general colour scheme involved, all adding to the experience created for the players.

Looking at the reels more objectively to identify the symbols in play properly, players will find that there are the likes of various gems and gold bars as well as fruit and some rather ominous looking scimitars. This slightly darker style is perpetuated by the kidnapped princess symbol also found on the reels.

Three Wishes Slot Themed Bonus Features Found

The first symbol players will likely come in contact with in this Three Wishes slot game is the Wild symbol which can switch in for other game symbols and help form combinations. This symbol is represented by the flying carpet. As in various other casino slots at, there is also a free spins feature which is triggered through the treasure chest symbol, 5 of which will award the players with 20 free spins.

This Betsoft game also includes a few more thematic features that can be triggered throughout the game. This includes a crazy monkey bonus triggered through the monkey symbol on the reels as well as a genie bonus round that initiates when players land 3 or more of the lamp symbols. All in all these features add some winning potential and thematic atmosphere to the Three Wishes slot game experience.

Post Author: Baron Riley